what do the symbols next to hotels in dubai mean


Have you ever wondered what those symbols next to hotels in Dubai mean? Are you confused by the different rating systems, from stars to pearls to diamonds, and what they signify? This might be the time to demystify the fascinating world of hotel rating symbols in Dubai, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

Get ready to explore the essential factors that affect hotel ratings, from local events and attractions to location and accessibility, and hotel services and amenities.

As a professional writer with vast experience covering the hospitality industry, I thought that it would be a good idea to create a comprehensive guide to all things hotel ratings in Dubai.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the different hotel rating symbols and what they mean for your future travel experiences. Let’s dive in!


In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of hotel rating symbols in Dubai, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Dubai offers a diverse range of hotel options, from luxurious five-star resorts to budget-friendly accommodations. With so many options available, it can be challenging to understand the different hotel rating symbols and what they mean for your travel experience. In this guide, we will delve into the key factors that affect hotel ratings, local events and attractions, location and accessibility, and hotel services and amenities.

Dubai’s tourism industry is booming, and the city is known for its luxury hotels and resorts. In 2019, Dubai welcomed over 16 million international visitors, and the city aims to attract 20 million visitors by 2020 as part of its tourism strategy.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip to Dubai, understanding hotel rating symbols is essential. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of the different hotel rating symbols and what they mean for your future travel experiences. Let’s get started!

Popular Hotel Rating Symbols

Dubai is home to many luxurious hotels that cater to travelers from all around the world. These hotels are rated based on their amenities, services, and location, and use different symbols to signify their rating. Here are some of the most commonly used hotel rating symbols in Dubai:

  • Star Rating System: The star rating system is one of the most well-known and widely used rating systems in the hospitality industry. Hotels are awarded stars based on their level of luxury and services offered. In Dubai, hotels can be rated from one star to seven-star according to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.
  • Diamond Rating System: The diamond rating system is another famous rating system which mainly focuses on luxury properties. This system is used to identify hotels and resorts that are particularly extravagant and offer sophisticated services and amenities. This rating system is frequently used by the American Automobile Association (AAA).
  • Pearl Rating System: The pearl rating system is also utilized to rate hotels according to their amenities and services. This system, similar to star rating, ranges from 1 pearl to 5 pearls and mostly occur in Dubai and UAE region.

It’s important to note that the use of these rating symbols can differ between countries and regions. For instance, a four-star hotel in one country may offer different facilities and services to a four-star hotel in another country. However, regardless of where you stay, these rating symbols are an excellent indication of what to expect when you book your stay in Dubai.

If you are looking for an unforgettable stay with all the luxurious amenities and services in Dubai, you should check for a high-ranked hotel awarding symbols such as seven stars. However, for those whose budget is not much of a concern, these top-rated hotels also offer an extraordinary service quality and amenities.

Hospitality Industry Standards

Dubai is well-known for its high standards of luxurious hospitality, which is provided through strict compliance with industry standards set forth by government agencies and other regulatory bodies. These standards play a vital role in ensuring that the expectations of guests are met and exceeded, that the reputation and integrity of the hotel industry are maintained, and that guests are safe and comfortable during their stay.

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is the primary government agency responsible for regulating and maintaining standards in the hotel industry. The agency oversees the licensing and regulation of hotels and hotel apartments throughout the emirate. Their duties include conducting regular inspections to ensure that hotels meet the minimum requirements for licensing as well as the amenity and safety standards set by the Dubai Municipality.

Industry standards in hospitality reflect everything from the quality of construction and infrastructure to the level of training and professionalism among staff members. Standards are assessed based on a variety of factors such as room size, cleanliness, safety, and security measures. Hospitality standards also emphasize the importance of customer service, which is why hotels in Dubai strive to provide the highest level of personalized service and luxury to their guests.

The rating systems available to hotels in Dubai are sufficient in establishing industry standards by emphasizing quality control, risk management, and other key areas of operation. The rigorous regulatory standards set by DTCM ensure that properties meet the quality standards and create a competitive market for hotels, which in turn encourages them to maintain, improve, and grow their services and offerings.

Hotel Services and Amenities

When it comes to hotel ratings, services and amenities are some of the most important factors that impact a guest’s experience. Dubai hotels are known for their luxurious facilities and top-quality services, and this is reflected in the high rating symbols awarded to them.

One of the most popular amenities among guests is the swimming pool. Dubai hotels offer multiple swimming pool options, from rooftop infinity pools with stunning views to indoor temperature-controlled pools for year-round swimming. Fitness centers are also an essential part of hotel amenities, and Dubai hotels offer state-of-the-art equipment for guests looking to maintain their fitness routine while traveling. For those who enjoy spa treatments, Dubai hotels are home to some of the most luxurious spas in the world, offering a variety of massages, facials, and body treatments.

In addition to these amenities, restaurants and cafes are an important part of hotel services, giving guests the opportunity to dine within their hotel’s premises. Dubai hotels have some of the best restaurants in the world with award-winning chefs and breathtaking interiors. Room service is also a popular amenity among guests, allowing for a more private and relaxed dining experience.

For business travelers, Dubai hotels offer conference rooms, meeting spaces, and business centers equipped with the latest technology. This can be especially useful for corporate events, networking, and presentations.

Finally, guest services are an important aspect of any hotel’s amenities. Dubai hotels offer exceptional service, with 24/7 front desk support, luggage storage, and concierge services. From arranging transportation to booking restaurant reservations and organizing tours, the hotel staff is always on hand to help guests make the most of their stay.

Overall, hotel services and amenities are key components in determining a hotel’s rating, and they play a significant role in guests’ satisfaction and enjoyment. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Dubai hotels offer an unparalleled level of luxury and comfort to make your stay unforgettable.

Hotel Location and Accessibility

When it comes to choosing a hotel in Dubai, one of the most critical factors to consider is its location and accessibility.

Hotels in prime locations, such as Dubai’s famous Downtown district, typically command higher prices and better ratings. These hotels place guests within easy reach of popular local attractions, shops, and restaurants, making it easier for them to navigate the city and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Access to transportation is also a key factor in hotel ratings. Hotels located near major metro stations, bus stops, or airports often reveal more significant scores due to their convenient location. This is especially important for business travelers who require timely transportation to meetings and events across the city.

No matter where a hotel is located, one of the critical considerations for guests is safety. Hotels that prioritize guest safety and security usually score better in ratings. For example, hotels located in quieter areas at a safe distance from busy streets are often rated higher due to their lower noise levels and safer surroundings.

In addition to location and accessibility, hotels that offer stunning views and excellent amenities, such as rooftop pools and outdoor lounges, earn higher ratings and attract more guests. These extra offerings provide guests with a unique way to enjoy the beautiful city of Dubai while also providing a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

Whether guests are visiting Dubai for business or pleasure, the location and accessibility of the hotel will play a crucial role in making their stay enjoyable and memorable.

Local Events and Attractions

If you’re seeking an exciting vacation experience, Dubai has no shortage of events and attractions to satisfy your desires. From luxury shopping to thrilling adventures, there’s something for everyone in this bustling metropolis.

One of the most popular events that Dubai has to offer is the Dubai Shopping Festival, held every year from December to January. This month-long festival is a shopper’s paradise, with discounts and deals on everything from designer clothing to electronics. In addition to shopping, the festival offers live entertainment, food festivals, and cultural events.

Dubai is also known for its theme parks, which attract visitors from all over the world. One of the most popular parks is the Dubai Parks and Resorts, which features three theme parks and a water park, as well as hotels and a shopping and dining destination. The highlight of the parks is the Legoland Dubai, which features over 15,000 LEGO models.

For those seeking adventure, Dubai’s desert safaris and skydiving experiences are not to be missed. The desert safaris are an opportunity to experience traditional Bedouin culture, with camel riding, belly dancing performances, and authentic Arabic food. Skydiving in Dubai is an unforgettable experience, with stunning views of the city skyline and the Palm Jumeirah island.

Other popular attractions in Dubai include the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the Dubai Miracle Garden, which features over 45 million flowers.

Local events and attractions play a significant role in determining hotel ratings, as they are a crucial factor in attracting hotel guests. Hotels located near these events and attractions are often favored by visitors, who seek convenient access to these attractions. In turn, many hotels offer shuttle services and other amenities to cater to the needs of their guests.

With so much to explore in Dubai, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Understanding Hotel Rating Symbols

Hotel rating symbols are a crucial aspect of the hotel industry, providing guests with an understanding of the level of quality to expect from their accommodations. In Dubai, hotel rating symbols are awarded based on a variety of factors, including the level of service, amenities, and location of the hotel.

The most common hotel rating symbols in Dubai include the star rating system, the diamond rating system, and the pearl rating system. Stars are awarded to hotels based on factors like room quality, cleanliness, and available amenities. Diamond ratings, on the other hand, take into account factors like service quality, guest experiences, and staff training. Pearls are awarded based on factors like the quality of the hotel’s facilities and services, as well as the overall guest experience.

Hotel rating symbols are typically awarded by independent organizations that specialize in evaluating hotels based on specific criteria. These independent organizations use a standardized set of criteria to ensure that hotel ratings are consistent and objective. This allows guests to make informed decisions about which hotels to choose based on their individual needs and preferences.

When selecting a hotel, it’s important to consider the rating symbols carefully, as they can have a significant impact on the overall quality of your stay. Hotels with higher ratings typically offer better service, more amenities, and a more luxurious experience overall. However, it’s important to keep in mind that higher ratings may also come with a higher price tag.

Overall, understanding hotel rating symbols can help travelers make informed decisions when selecting accommodations for their trip. By taking into account factors like location, amenities, and services, as well as considering the hotel’s rating, travelers can ensure that they find a hotel that meets their individual needs and preferences.

Hotel Service and Amenity Symbols

Hotels offer a wide range of services and amenities to attract and retain guests. These services and amenities can include everything from on-site restaurants, spas, swimming pools, fitness centers, and more. Many hotels and resorts in Dubai use symbols to indicate the services and amenities they offer to guests. Understanding these symbols can help you choose the hotel that best meets your needs and preferences. In this section, we will explain the most commonly used hotel service and amenity symbols in Dubai and what they mean.

Restaurant symbols

One of the most commonly used symbols is the fork and spoon. This symbol indicates that the hotel has an on-site restaurant or offers dining services to guests. Some hotels indicate the number of forks and spoons they have to indicate the level of restaurant quality and other dining options available.

Spa and Wellness symbols

The water droplets or bathtub icons represent the spa and wellness facilities that the hotel offers. Likewise, a person having a massage icon is a typical symbol for spa services. Some hotels use other symbols to indicate specific spa treatments like a picture of a hot stone or a fish moving around someone’s feet to suggest a fish spa experience.

Swimming Pool symbols

The swimming pool icon is an easy way to determine if your hotel has a pool available. Some hotels use additional symbols to highlight the pool type and size, such as an open or closed roof, an infinity or Olympic size marking symbol, and a hot tub or Jacuzzi icon next to the swimming pool.

Fitness Center symbols

The fitness center symbol is typically a person lifting weights or doing an exercise. The symbol indicates that the hotel has a gym or a fitness center for guests. Some hotels include additional details next to the symbol, such as the size of the gym or what type of equipment they offer.

Business Amenities symbols

Business visitors may look for amenities specifically relevant to their interest. For example, the Wi-Fi symbol shows that the hotel has internet connectivity. Seminar and conference symbols can indicate meeting rooms, auditoriums or any Business Center available for guest use. Some hotels also indicate on their websites whether they have an on-site business center, copying and printing facilities, or in-room desk space for added convenience.

Hotels may make use of a combination of these symbols to improve their attractiveness to a variety of potential guests. Understanding these symbols can help you determine which hotels offer the services and amenities you’re looking for when booking a stay in Dubai.

Location and Accessibility Symbols

Location and accessibility are paramount factors when choosing a hotel in Dubai, which offers numerous attractions and activities for travelers. The location symbol indicates where the hotel is situated, while the accessibility symbol represents how easy it is to reach the hotel by car or public transportation. A hotel’s proximity to various landmarks, restaurants, and cultural sites impacts the accessibility rating. The symbols are crucial in helping travelers select a hotel that meets their needs and preferences.

The location symbol depends on the area in which the hotel is located. For example, a hotel in Downtown Dubai will have a symbol of the iconic Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall, both popular tourist attractions. On the other hand, hotels in the Marina area, with its gorgeous sea views, will have a symbol of the nearby marina. This helps travelers understand the location of the hotel and easy accessing to the landmarks they want to explore.

The accessibility symbol depends on how well-connected the hotel is to Dubai’s transportation system, including metros, taxis, buses, and Uber. Accessibility symbols can range from a simple car or wheel chair symbol to a more specific public transportation symbol. Travelers can use these symbols to identify the best way to reach the hotel from the airport or any other location in Dubai.

Hotels that are easily accessible and located in central areas tend to have higher ratings. They also tend to attract more guests, especially those looking for convenience and ease of getting around the city. Therefore, hotels take pride in having high-quality accessibility and location symbols to attract more guests and meet their expectations.

Travelers can choose different hotels based on their preferred location, such as near popular tourist spots, palm islands, or coastal areas. A location symbol can help travelers identify a hotel’s location and make better travel decisions. It’s also essential for guests to know the accessibility of a particular hotel. A well-connected hotel with better transportation options can make a great difference in a guest’s travel experience.


In conclusion, hotel rating symbols are an integral part of selecting an ideal hotel for your needs and preferences. As we have explored in this article, various factors affect hotel ratings including the location of the hotel, the services and amenities it offers, and the local events and attractions available to guests.

Understanding these symbols not only helps you discern the quality of the hotel, but also go beyond that to choose a hotel that is tailored to your needs. By selecting a hotel based on its rating, you can ensure that you have a memorable and comfortable stay that caters to all your needs and preferences.

It is important to conduct research before booking a hotel or relying solely on its rating symbols. Keep in mind factors like proximity to local attractions, service offerings, and additional fees when drafting your budget. Research for customer reviews or reach out to a hotel representative before making a final decision.

In recent times, the hospitality industry has faced disruption due to the pandemic, and hotels worldwide have had to adjust to the new normal. Hence, we suggest checking with the hotel and understanding its pandemic policies before booking to ensure your safety and well-being.

We hope that this comprehensive guide has provided you with the knowledge to make informed choices during your travels to Dubai. Happy travels!

Sure, here’s your enriching table section: Section 11 * Heading: ‘Top 15 Luxury Hotels in Dubai in 2021’ * Word count: 250 words * Section Outline: ‘In this section, we will showcase the top 15 luxury hotels in Dubai for 2021 with their corresponding rating symbols, location, and services and amenities. These hotels offer the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and convenience for travelers seeking top-quality accommodations. If you’re looking to indulge in a lavish vacation experience, these hotels are sure to deliver.’

Top 15 Luxury Hotels in Dubai in 2021

Here are the top 15 luxury hotels in Dubai with their rating symbols, location, and services and amenities:

Hotel Rating Symbol Location Services and Amenities
Burj Al Arab Jumeirah 5-star Jumeirah Beach Road Private beach, indoor and outdoor pools, spa, multiple restaurants and bars
One&Only The Palm 5-star The Palm Jumeirah Private beach, infinity pool, spa, 3 restaurants and lounges
The Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre 5-star Dubai International Financial Centre Outdoor pool, spa, multiple restaurants and bars, fitness center, rooftop terrace
Armani Hotel Dubai 5-star Burj Khalifa Multiple restaurants, spa, outdoor pool, fitness center, concierge service
The Palace Downtown Dubai 5-star Downtown Dubai Outdoor pool, spa, fitness center, 5 restaurants and lounges, lake views
Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Dubai 5-star Jumeirah Beach Road Private beach, outdoor pool, spa, multiple restaurants and bars, fitness center
Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah 5-star The Palm Jumeirah Private beach, outdoor pool, spa, variety of dining options, kids club
Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa 5-star The Palm Jumeirah Private beach, outdoor pools, spa, multiple restaurants and bars, water sports
Grand Hyatt Dubai 5-star Dubai Healthcare City Outdoor pool, indoor pool, spa, multiple restaurants and bars, fitness center
Atlantis The Palm 5-star The Palm Jumeirah Private beach, water park, multiple pools, spa, variety of restaurants and bars
Jumeirah Mina A’ Salam Madinat Jumeirah 5-star Madinat Jumeirah Private beach, outdoor pools, spa, multiple restaurants and bars, water sports
Grosvenor House Dubai 5-star Dubai Marina Outdoor pool, spa, fitness center, multiple restaurants and bars, beach access
Bulgari Resort Dubai 5-star Jumeira Bay Island Private beach, outdoor pool, spa, multiple restaurants, dive center
Fourseasons Resort Dubai 5-star Jumeirah Beach Road Private beach, outdoor pools, spa, six restaurants and lounges, kids club
Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai 5-star Al Ain Road Private pool, spa, multiple dining options, desert views, wildlife safari

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about hotel rating symbols in Dubai:

  • What is the difference between 5-star and 7-star hotels?
    The main difference is luxury. 7-star hotels offer the most luxurious amenities and services, such as personal butlers, private beaches, and designer decor. They often cater to high-end clientele, celebrities, and royalty.
  • What is the pearl rating system?
    The pearl rating system is a unique Dubai rating system that awards up to five pearls based on the overall guest experience. Factors considered in the rating include design, comfort, and service.
  • Do all hotels in Dubai have a rating symbol?
    No, not all hotels in Dubai are rated. Smaller, budget hotels may not have a rating symbol as they are not required to participate in the rating system.
  • What are some common hotel service symbols?
    Common hotel service symbols in Dubai include a pool symbol, a spa symbol, a gym symbol, and a restaurant symbol. These symbols indicate the availability of these amenities and services in the hotel.
  • What is the required minimum rating for a hotel to be considered a luxury hotel in Dubai?
    To be considered a luxury hotel in Dubai, a hotel must have a minimum rating of 5 stars.
  • What is the difference between a hotel’s location symbol and its accessibility symbol?
    A hotel’s location symbol indicates its geographical location, while its accessibility symbol indicates how easy it is to access the hotel from nearby transportation hubs.
  • What is the international rating system for hotels?
    The international rating system for hotels uses a star rating system that awards up to 5 stars based on factors like location, amenities, and services offered.
  • What is the role of governmental agencies in regulating hotel ratings in Dubai?
    Dubai Tourism, an agency of the Dubai government, regulates the rating system in Dubai by conducting regular inspections of hotels and awarding ratings based on the quality of services, facilities, and guest experiences offered.
  • Can hotel ratings change over time?
    Yes, hotel ratings can change over time as a result of renovations, new management, or changes in overall quality standards.
  • What are some local events and attractions that might impact a hotel’s rating?
    Local events and attractions that might impact a hotel’s rating include popular concerts, festivals, and sporting events. Proximity to popular tourist attractions also plays a role in a hotel’s rating.

Advantages of Understanding Hotel Rating Symbols

Choosing the right hotel

  • Less hassle for you: When you understand the rating symbols, choosing the right hotel will be easier, and you won’t waste time on hotels that don’t meet your preferences.
  • Accommodations matched to your preferences: You can choose hotels with specific amenities, services, and location that will meet your ideal vacation experience.
  • Value for money: Knowing the rating symbols can help you make sure you are getting value for your money.

Better travel experience

  • Optimal enjoyment: By choosing the right hotel for your needs and preferences, you can optimize your travel experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Quality assurance: Understanding hotel rating symbols means you can be assured of a certain level of quality that will help you enjoy your travels.
  • No unpleasant surprises: You won’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises or hidden costs, as the rating symbols provide transparency about what to expect from a hotel.