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The United Arab Emirates is a mixture of Middle Eastern and Western culture, with immense deserts combined with expensive malls, good cuisine, and long lengths of coastline. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has evolved from sand dunes, crumbling forts, and fishing villages a century ago into a show-stopping, headline-grabbing destination that offers a fascinating mix of traditional Islamic culture and reckless commercialization. Today, UAE is known today for lavish resort hotels, ultra-modern architecture, skyscrapers, seven-star hotels, and a seemingly endless appetite for new and inventive mega-projects, fuelled mostly (but not only) by oil money.

This mix of high cosmopolitanism and religious devotion gives the UAE a distinct feeling of being a country that is both cutting-edge and immersed in traditions and culture. It’s a country that’s proud of its history, and if you go with an open mind, you’ll find a country that’s as culturally diverse as any in the world.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), formerly known as the Trucial States, is an elite, oil-rich club with seven members: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain. However, Dubai and Abu Dhabi attract the majority of visitors. Both have an ever-expanding range of high-end hotels, gourmet restaurants, branded nightclubs, and glittering retail malls.

Accommodation in the United Arab Emirates

Expensive and luxurious hotels compete with one another across the Emirates, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The most significant fundamental expenditure is lodging. A double room for the night for roughly 250dh (£47/US$70) is possible at the absolute bottom end of the scale, and sometimes even less. More upmarket hotels will set you back around 500dh (£95/US$140) per night, and you won’t be able to get a bed in one of the city’s fancier five-star hotels for less than 1000dh (£190/US$280) per night at the very least; room rates at the very best places can set you back several thousands of dirhams.

When you book online ahead of time, you can earn discounts of up to 50%. If you book your hotel and airfare together, you might be able to get a better offer.

Entry and Exit Requirements

Americans visiting the United Arab Emirates must have a valid United States passport for at least six months upon their arrival date. Travelers must also have a return ticket or other confirmation of departure from the UAE within the 30-day period. Travelers who plan to stay longer than 30 days must first get a tourist visa. Americans leaving the UAE by land will be charged a departure fee of 35 dirhams (about $9.60), which must be paid in local currency. Visit the U.S. State Department’s website for further information.

Rules for tourists during COVID-19

Citizens of all countries can visit the UAE for tourism if they have taken a complete dose of one of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines. On arriving at the airport, they must undergo a quick PCR test. The prior regulations for unvaccinated people, including those who are exempted, remain in effect.

Travellers who want to take advantage of the benefits available to those who have been vaccinated in the UAE can do so via the ICA platform or the Al Hosn app.

Getting around in the United Arab Emirates

By Metro:

In 2009, Dubai’s first metro station opened. The airport is linked to the city by driverless, completely automated railways. You can visit various tourist destinations through metro.

By Road:

Bus route every 15 minutes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, with stops in Liwa, Al-Ain, and Sharjah. You can plan your trip accordingly. There are also plenty of metered taxis available that you can book for a specific amount of time.

By Air:

Budget airlines also provide short trips within the country starting at under £20. Air Arabia, Felix, Jazeera, Bahrain Air, and FlyDubai, are among them.

Weather in UAE

The weather in the United Arab Emirates is desert-like, with hot summers and mild winters. Except in the hotter months (July and August), when the UAE is burning hot. The weather in the UAE is hot, with temperatures hitting 45° C (113 ° F). The humidity level is extremely high, averaging over 90%.

The winter season, which spans from October to March, is the best time to visit and travel throughout the UAE since the weather is mild and pleasant, making it excellent for sightseeing tours and outdoor activities. As the temperature rises to a more comfortable level, this period is considered to be the best in terms of weather conditions. During the winter, the average daytime temperature is 25° C (77° F). Rainfall in Dubai is unpredictable and rarely lasts for long durations. With an annual average of 5 days of rain, Dubai has a short and rare rainfall. It mostly rains during the winter season.

The months of spring and autumn are also somehow suitable for visiting the United Arab Emirates. The spring months are from March to May, when temperatures begin to steadily rise towards summer highs, while the autumn months begin in September when temperatures start to steadily fall.

Food in the United Arab Emirates

The primary constituents of Emirati cuisine are fish, meat, and rice. Kebab kashkash (meat and spices in a tomato sauce) is a popular meal in the United Arab Emirates. A delicious side dish is a tabouleh, a light couscous salad with tomatoes, lemon juice, parsley, mint, onion, and cucumber. Shawarma is a popular street food snack in which lamb or chicken meat is skewered and served in flat Arabian bread with salad and sauces. Deep-fried chickpea balls work nicely with spicy aubergines, bread, and hummus. For dessert, try fresh dates and Umm Ali (Ali’s Mother), a type of bread pudding. As a gesture of welcome, cardamom coffee is frequently offered for free.

Given Dubai’s diverse makeup, you’d expect a wide range of various international cuisines to be available. Italian, Iranian, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines are all popular, but Indian cuisine is especially notable, with cheap but often unexpectedly superb curry houses scattered throughout the city centre catering to Dubai’s vast subcontinental population.

Except for Sharjah, alcohol is generally available in many restaurants and bars throughout the emirates. To buy alcohol at liquor stores, you must acquire a license, which is a legal but widely ignored requirement. The alcohol license serves as verification that the bearer is not a Muslim. A passport will not suffice. However, you may buy duty-free wine at the airport to bring into the UAE.

Things to do in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is an incredible country. The contrast of the two, half new world and half old world, makes for a truly interesting tourist destination. While Dubai is the world’s fastest-paced luxury city, other Emirates, such as Fujairah, is rich in local culture. Go with something a little different outside of modern Dubai for a truly unique trip.

Take a Desert Safari

Desert Safari Desert or dune safaris are an important aspect of UAE culture. When it rains, which is not often, half of the country gets up and leaves the dunes to race around in 4-wheel drives. You can ask your hotel about local travel agencies that offer desert safaris if you want to try it out. They are offered in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain and usually incorporate a cultural experience. Once at the desert camp, you can participate in Emirati cultural traditions such as a camel ride, traditional dress, smoking shisha, and eating a charcoal BBQ served under the stars.

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, named after the beloved founding father of the United Arab Emirates, is definitely worth a visit. The mosque, which is located in Abu Dhabi’s capital city, is composed of valuable materials obtained from all over the World. A visit to the mosque, open to the public every day except Friday during Ramadan, is both informative and exciting. The dazzling white marble volume on the exterior contrasts well with the otherwise drab surroundings. The tour teaches you about Islamic culture and is less intimidating than walking through the mosque on your own. Since Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a functional mosque, there is a dress rule. Every woman must cover herself from head to toe. Men’s legs must not be shown, although their arms are acceptable. If you are dressed inadequately, the mosque will equip you with the appropriate dress.

Take a walk along The Jumeirah beach

The Walk-in Jumeirah Beach, Dubai is a renowned tourist area with excellent hotels, shopping, and international cuisine. The beach is accessible to the public and free for swimming. It features a water play area for small children, an inflatable offshore water park for adults, and camel rides along the sand. It is the ideal tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. As you splash about in the waves, you can see the Palm Atlantis floating out in the ocean and the Burj Al Arab further down the shore, just like in those picture-perfect Dubai photos. It gets incredibly hot here in the summer, and the water heats up to the temperature of a warm bath, so if you attempt this between November and March when the weather is cooler, you’ll have a lot more fun.

Hike in a Wadi

A wadi hike is a must-do if you’re looking for a unique UAE experience. A wadi is a traditional term for a river bed or canyon made of stone. They stay dry most of the year, but when it rains, they quickly fill up with the water that gushes out of the mountains. Wadi Tayyibah, located near Masafi, is a full-day adventure from Dubai. The excursion to the area reveals the Falaj, a Bedouin irrigation system used to water palm trees. There are date palms, and depending on the rainfall, the wadi fills with water, providing a serene little oasis in the desert.

See a Camel Beauty Contest

The village of Liwa comes to life every year for the annual Al Dhafra Festival, which is hidden away in an empty sector near the Saudi border. The Camel contest is a unique part of this trip and a unique opportunity to see aspects of Bedouin culture. Held in December when the weather is cooler, camels are examined for factors such as straightness of ears and length of eyelashes. The winning camels are then coated in saffron and receive their share of the $ 13 million (US) cash prize! This event is worth the 6 hours round drive because it is set among limitless dunes and includes Saluki racing, cultural shows, and markets.

Ride the world’s fastest roller coaster

Head to Yas Island in Abu Dhabi and visit Ferrari World.  There is plenty to see and do for all ages, but the turning point is the famous Formula Rossa. This roller coaster is genuinely eye-watering fast, reaching speeds of up to 240 kilometres per hour. They provide you with protective eyewear to put on before driving. While visiting Yas Island, you should visit Yas Waterworld, Yas Mall, and Yas Beach Club. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, head to the Viceroy Hotel Yas Island’s Skylite cocktail bar on the top.

Visit the Burj Khalifa

If you are visiting Dubai, you must visit Burj Khalifa. It’s amazing from the outside, but the view from within is unparalleled at 555 metres in the sky. Book your ticket online for around 4 or 5 p.m., and you’ll be able to stay on the observation deck for as long as you want. You can view the metropolis that is Dubai during the day and at night if you visit at this time of day. Once you’ve had your fill of the view, head down to the mall, Souq al Baha, and the Dubai Fountain in Burj Khalifa Lake. Evening concerts are held in the fountain every half hour starting at 6 p.m. and ending at 11 p.m. The combination of lighting, music and other elements creates a unique experience.

Ski Dubai

The fact that you are in one of the hottest cities in the World doesn’t imply that you should not be able to ski. Because snow is hard to get by in Dubai, they erected a snowy mountain inside their massive shopping mall.

The 279-foot “mountain,” which appears strangely majestic even from the outside, is the primary attraction. There are several ski runs on the man-made geological features. If skiing or snowboarding isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options, like toboggans and even a place for you to meet penguins.

Just because something doesn’t appear to suit in Dubai doesn’t mean it won’t, and Ski Dubai is no exception. In that region of the world, the concept of a ski resort is so alien that each entrance ticket includes a coat and a snow rental because there is no practical need to have such things otherwise.

Visit the Dubai Mall

The huge Dubai Mall, which includes over 1,300 businesses, is one of the world’s largest retail malls. Even if you have no intention of purchasing anything, a visit to this massive mall is a must: The Dubai Mall also has a number of entertainment options, including an ice rink, a movie theatre, and a number of kid-friendly attractions, including an aquarium with tens of thousands of aquatic animals. Stop by the Dubai Fountain outside the mall for a while if you’re in the area late at night.

Take the subway to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station for the easiest access. The mall is also served by two bus routes, No. 27 and No. 29. Every day from 10 a.m. to midnight, the Dubai Mall (and everything within it) is available to the public. While exploring around the mall is free, certain attractions in the mall will require an entry.

Visit the Jumeirah Mosque

Travelers strongly encourage a visit to this destination, even if you are not religious, because of its educational value and cultural significance. The guides’ educational presentation on the mosque’s architecture and instructive discussion on Islam were well greeted by the visitors.

But first, a note on conduct: Those who intend to visit the mosque should dress modestly, with long sleeves and long pants or skirts. Women will also be required to wear a scarf to cover their heads. If you don’t have traditional clothes, the mosque would gladly give you the proper attire for admittance.

The trip costs 25 dirhams (less than $7), and children under the age of 12 are allowed for free.

Plan a trip to UAE:

The UAE is now available to all vaccinated travellers without the need to go through quarantine! Are you ready for a memorable holiday experience?

Now is the perfect moment to relax in the sun and reconnect with nature. It’s time to immerse yourself in new cultures, go on to new experiences and explore the United Arab Emirates(UAE). It’s time to have some fun, spend time with your family, and create new memories.

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